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About us

Our Purpose

We started with an aim to touch lives and make them better. And till date our purpose remains the same.

It's our constant endeavor to give people solutions rather than just products. And in order to keep up with this vision, we have consciously ventured into product categories that provide simple but tangible benefits to consumers through a portfolio of value for money brands.

Starting from the momentous launch of Ujala – carving out a new product category of liquid fabric whitener - Jyothy Labs Limited (Formerly Known as Jyothy Laboratories Limited) today manufactures and distributes brands across product categories as diverse as Fabric Care, Home care, Utensil Care and Personal Care.

At Jyothy Labs Limited (Formerly Known as Jyothy Laboratories Limited), consumer's feedback and insights are of paramount importance. Hence, we act on key acumens from consumers, market research and sustained in-house analytical processes. Combined with continuous research & development, these insights help us in offering innovative products while ensuring enhanced value from existing brands.

The fact that each brand from the Jyothy portfolio makes a positive difference to the lives of millions is our greatest inspiration – egging us to do more.