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Our Brands

Fabric Care

With the advent into fabric whitener space with ‘Ujala Supreme’ and attaining leadership in the early 80’s, today JLL has a wide array of products that cater to various fabric care needs of the consumer. Our fabric care product portfolio includes established brands, such as Henko Stain Champion, Mr. White, Ujala Stiff & Shine, Morelight, Chek & Speed.

Home Care

Our foray into home care products marked new category benchmarks in catering to the unmet needs of the households. The range include household insecticide, surface cleaner and air care products.

Personal Care

With an evolution in personal care products, JLL has been at the forefront in the category by introducing new products and variants. The portfolio comprises of brand Margo, which is the oldest and the only 100% Original Neem Soap.

Dish Wash

The Indian kitchen has a wide range of utensils that are used in different preparations. Grease, germs and stains are among the major reasons for dishwashing products being an important part of any housewife’s household items. Exo and Pril are the India’s two leading dishwash brands that come with stronger cleansing, superior grease dissolving and remain gentle on hands.