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Candidates shortlisted for written test and audition

Shortlisted candidates would be contacted over phone and would be given further updates.

The final shortlisted set of candidates who will play fastest fingers first in Ningalkum Aakam Kodeeshwaran will be selected from the below :

Sr. No. Name Phone number* Location
1. Rasheed K M XXXX X5541 Kozhikkode
2. Jagadambika N XXXX X7125 Kollam
3. Neena Vinod XXXX X9409 Ernakulam
4. Gayathri P Das XXXX X9271 Palakkad
5. Mini James XXXX X4274 Idukki
6. Usha XXXX X4711 Kozhikkode
7. Haribal S XXXX X7515 Thiruvananthapuram
8. Beena K P XXXX X4218 Palakkad
9. Mohamed Aslah XXXX X0215 Peruparambu
10. Athira Amith XXXX X9233 Kollam
11. Haneesha S XXXX X9251 Kollam
12. Prasanthi P S XXXX X4313 Kollam
13. Aswathi P XXXX X6019 Kannur
14. Aiswarya R XXXX X0032 Kozhikkode
15. Prakash Menon XXXX X9029 Palakkad
16. Remyamol C S XXXX X9282 Idukki
17. Vinitha V XXXX X9664 Alappuzha
18. Faisal T T XXXX X6210 Malappuram
19. Sunitha C XXXX X1928 Palakkad
20. Sukanya Raj V R XXXX X1506 Trivandrum
21. Rohith M XXXX X7454 Malappuram
22. Sukanya K L XXXX X7029 Palakkad
23. Anju Chacko XXXX X0480 Kozhikkode
24. Praveen P Raj XXXX X9663 Kottayam
25. Johnsy Johny XXXX X8358 Idukki
26. Anwar Abubacker XXXX X1870 Vadakara
27. Abdul Salam M M XXXX X3663 Kochi
28. M.P Anil Kumar XXXX X4570 Kannur
29. Safiya Sakkeer XXXX X3215 Palakkad
30. Abdul Azeez M P XXXX X2167 Kozhikkode
31. Rasheed T M XXXX X4593 Eda Kochi
32. Neethu V S XXXX X5079 Thrissur
33. Benny Mathew XXXX X0649 Ernakulam
34. Prageesh K P XXXX X0587 Olavanna
35. Smitha XXXX X8767 Karnataka
36. Majeed Alunkal XXXX X1646 Malappuram
37. Janardhanan Kannath XXXX X1001 Malappuram
38. K Sathyavathy XXXX X7563 Malappuram
39. M Najuma Nazar XXXX X6232 Ernakulam
40. Deepa K P XXXX X3282 Palakkad
41. N.A Sadique XXXX X2971 Chennai
42. Sulaiman XXXX X5851 Malappuram
43. Nebu Thomas XXXX X3336 Palakkad
44. Jomon K Antony XXXX X5592 Kottayam
45. Atheena Fathima Riyas XXXX X8593 Kottayam
46. Shibin Kumar M V XXXX X6675 Kozhikkode
47. Aiswarya A S XXXX X6027 Thrissur
48. Libin Philip XXXX X0763 Kozhikkode
49. Jayasree K K XXXX X6993 Thrissur
50. Prathibha Prabhakar XXXX X0664 Thiruvananthapuram
51. Anu Jose XXXX X2282 Kollam
52. Satheesh K S XXXX X7547 Pathanamthitta
53. Saalih M A XXXX X3397 Kasaragod
54. Shafeena V S XXXX X0645 Kollam
55. Sulfi M A XXXX X0158 Chengannur
56. Sameera Beevi B XXXX X0155 Kollam
57. Rajula A T XXXX X1779 Moothakunnam
58. Shibana Sharier XXXX X2839 Kollam
59. Prasoon T P XXXX X8490 Kannur
60. Shaji XXXX X9909 Malappuram
61. Habeeba V H XXXX X1875 Mattannur
62. Beena S XXXX X1016 Vakkala
63. Shailaja M C XXXX X2131 Thrissur
64. Sooraj Sanker XXXX X6133 Palakkad
65. K S Prasad XXXX X5174 Ernakulam
66. Reshma P XXXX X7608 Kasargod
67. K V Sudeer Kumar XXXX X2953 Malappuram
68. Grinshe George Akkara XXXX X8680 Thrissur
69. Dr. Aneez K Arakkal XXXX X5266 Kozhikkode
70. Unnikrishnan C XXXX X9862 Kannur
71. Shamila Rasheed XXXX X1875 Malappuram
72. Jayan Sekharan Nair XXXX X9516 Chirayinkeezhu P.O
73. Fathima Beevi A XXXX X5121 Kollam
74. Rajeev Prabhakaran XXXX X5755 Ernakulam
75. Ansar C XXXX X1397 Trivandrum
76. Priyesh K XXXX X5911 Kannur
77. Arun Prakash XXXX X8174 Kottayam
78. Sasikala T V XXXX X2937 Kannur
79. Aravind U K XXXX X3682 Trivandrum
80. Murukesh S XXXX X9038 Pathanapuram
81. Kishor V K XXXX X6780 Karthikapally
82. Surendran P B XXXX X4322 Idukki
83. Jasmine M F XXXX X7046 Kollam

* only the last 4 numbers of the phone numbers are displayed for security reasons
Terms and conditions

Jyothy Laboratories Limited (the Company) in association with Asianet Communications Ltd will be running a contest called Buy Exo Round and Get a chance to participate in Ningalkum Aakam Kodeeshwaran (NAK) for its consumers in the state of Kerala. For the purpose of this contest, the address of the Company will be VJTEES Complex, P&T Quarters Road, Poothole, Thrissur, Kerala – 680 004 and the WhatsApp number of the Company is 7012351159 where video as prescribed herein below needs to be sent.. The terms and conditions for participation in the Buy Exo Round and Get a chance to participate in NAK Contest are as under:

1. To participate in the Buy Exo Round and Get a chance to participate in NAK Contest, a participant must buy a Exo Round 500g dishwash bar packed in

green and red container (the Product). The participant should send the lid of the Product to the address aforementioned in a sealed envelope. On the front of the envelope, the participant shall mention ‘Exo Nak contest ‘and on the back of the pack his/her name, age, address and mobile number should be mentioned. The Company shall not acknowledge the receipt of envelopes. The participants cannot alter/modify/change the details provided by them later once submitted. The Mobile number shared would be the registered mobile number (RMN) for the contest.

2. The participants must send a video of themselves where he/shall shall give reasons as to why they like Exo. The video should not be of more than 30

seconds (max.). This should be send from their RMN number only on the Company’s WhatsApp number.

3. An entry would be considered complete only when the Company receives both Exo Round 500g lid as well as the WhatsApp video on the Company’s

WhatsApp number aforementioned before last date of entries to reach us, which is 15th March, 2017.

4. The participant can seek clarification on their queries in respect of Buy Exo Round and Get a chance to participate in NAK Contest by emailing the

Company at

5. 100 winners shall be selected on random basis from the complete entries received. They shall be intimated through SMS and call on the RMN provided

by the participants. The Company shall not be responsible if the winner among 100 shortlisted entries did not respond to SMS or call on their RMN. After 3 attempts of contacting a winner on their RMN and winner not being reachable on phone, the opportunity of being in the final 100 shortlisted winners which may be shared with NAK team shall be forfeited. The entries which will be forfeited may be awarded to the next person who would be selected on a random basis from the rest of the complete entries received.

6. The 100 shortlisted winners shall undergo a written test as well as video audition conducted by the NAK Team and out of those 100 shortlisted

winners, 8 participants shall qualify for the ‘Fastest Finger First round’ on merit basis as may be decided by NAK Team.

7. The Company acts only as a facilitator to provide the 100 names to NAK Team and shall have no connection/involvement in selecting the final 8


8. This contest is open to adult Indian citizens of age 18 years and above and not more than 60 years and the citizen should be of sound health and mind.

9. Any disputes in respect of Buy Exo Round and Get a chance to participate in NAK Contest shall be subjected to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.

10. Any application for participation received Post/after 15th March, 2017 shall not be considered for the purpose of Buy Exo Round and Get a chance to

participate in NAK Contest.

11. The entity/dealers or their family members through whom this activity is being conducted, cannot participate in Buy Exo Round and Get a chance to

participate in NAK Contest.

12. The Company reserves the right to modify/withdraw the terms and conditions of Buy Exo Round and Get a chance to participate in NAK Contest at

any time without prior notice at its sole discretion.

13. The Company’s decision regarding Buy Exo Round and Get a chance to participate in NAK Contest shall be final and binding.

14. The winner can participate in this NAK Contest basis the rules aforementioned, however, additionally the rules and regulations of NAK Contest shall

apply to them.